Reflexology Diploma

Approved by Wellbeing Insurance.


Pre-requisites: Anatomy and Physiology qualification (student can be working towards it but it must be completed before a qualification can be awarded).

Duration: 58 hours (24 hours face-to-face)

Cost: £499

Reflexology is an incredibly popular treatment, providing as it does the benefits of an energy therapy combined with the practical experience of a foot and leg massage – the best of both worlds! This is an intensive 3 day course which includes information on the history of Reflexology and other background information, along with the practical application of techniques. The course is taught 1-1, enabling the student to learn with undivided tutor attention and to practise until they are confident to carry out a safe and effective treatment independently. Successful completion of the pre-course study module and 12 case studies is required.

The course provides intensive professional training in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Students are provided with a comprehensive manual and a session on professional practicalities and background to the treatment, although most of the emphasis is on practical training. Assessment during the face-to-face training is practical, in order to ensure that the student is able to carry out the treatment confidently, safely and effectively, and through successful completion of 12 case studies.

Please note that the student must have insurance for the case studies. Wellbeing Insurance, our validator, can provide this with a free upgrade to full practitioner insurance on qualification and Westminster will also offer student insurance. These do not constitute a recommendation and students should search for the appropriate insurance for themselves.

If the student already holds therapy insurance, they will need to check that this will cover them for the case studies.

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