Meditations to Download

Meditation is a proven way to relax and de-stress. Various academic studies have shown that it can help with the reduction of stress hormones such as cortisol, reducing insomnia,reducing anxiety, reducing blood pressure, improving concentration and focus, and pain relief among other benefits.

I have produced a selection of meditations which can be downloaded from here, with beautiful background music from my royalty free selection by the talented Christopher Lloyd Clarke from Enlightened Audio.

The normal charge would be £7.50 but for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, I have reduced this to £5.50. I can offer personalised meditations for children to suit their interests and experience for £8.50.

I am also including a few free resources to help people through the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Two short and simple mindful meditation exercises, based on the “Five Senses” exercise and and the “Loving Kindness” (“Metta”) exercise, which are in the public domain (I first heard of them in the excellent MOOC on Mindfulness offered by Futurelearn) and are therefore free for you to download as an extra “tool in your box” during this strange time.
  • A guided meditation to help with relaxation and acceptance during this difficult time.

Five Senses Mindfulness Exercise (6.42 minutes approx) FREE

A simple but effective mindfulness exercise which can be used for grounding and becoming aware of all the senses. This is the basic version, but you can add to it by having items to look at, listen to, touch, smell and taste handy if you wish.

You can download it or play it directly from the website:

Loving Kindness Mindfulness Exercise (6.30 minutes approx) FREE

I think this might be very helpful given the current situation. This mindfulness meditation encourages us to wish ourselves well and feel the benefit, going on to our loved ones, and eventually to the whole world.

You can download it or play it directly from the website:

River Rapids Guided Meditation (13 minutes approx) FREE

This free guided meditation is all about going with the flow, and was written in response to the coronavirus lockdown situation. I hope it helps with relaxation and acceptance. It might be one to try if you struggle getting to sleep.

Spiritual Guide Meditation (12 minutes approx.) £5.50

Retreat into the countryside with this relaxing meditation, walk through the woods and out into the sunshine, to connect with your own spiritual guide. Click here to pay online via Gumroad.

“Dolphin” Meditation (12 minutes approx) £5.50

Take a wonderful journey inspired by the magic of dolphins to relax and calm yourself. Click here to pay online via Gumroad.

Children’s Meditations (10-12 minutes, created to order) £8.50

I find meditation to be a great tool to help children to relax, and am happy to create individual ones tailored to your child’s needs. Please DO NOT PAY for this until you have contacted me to discuss your requirements: space travel, unicorns, Lego or even sport, we can work out the ideal meditation to help your child to chill out!

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