Crystal Therapy Diploma

Distance Learning Crystal Therapy Diploma Course


Duration: 45 hours

Cost: £160(by email) or £180 (by post)

Also available as a Workshop for Interest course, at £95 (by email only)

Crystals are of interest to so many people, and can be so helpful as a therapy modality, that I have wanted to write a crystal course for some time, and thanks to the extra time I had during lockdown, here it is!

The course is intended as introductory, affordable training, for therapists in Reiki, massage or other modalities who wish to incorporate crystals into their existing repertoire of treatments, for meditation, yoga or tai chi teachers who would like to use crystals in their classes, or for complete beginners who would like to offer crystal treatments as a new career. It provides a solid background and foundation for this purpose, and for students who wish to proceed with more advanced courses, will give them a good initial grounding in the subject. 15 case studies are required in order to qualify.

Workshop Option

Cost: £95 (by email only)

If you are simply interested in crystals and wish to find out more, a shorter version of the course, omitting the professional practice module, the final exam and the case studies, is available for a lower price. Students can choose whether or not to complete the assessment questions.

With this workshop, there is the option to upgrade to the professional qualification within 12 months of completion, on payment of the difference (£65) and successful completion of the above sections of the course. Students choosing to upgrade must have passed the individual module assessments. They are also eligible to buy the kit.

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