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Usui Reiki (Japanese Style) Courses validated by IPTI

As a qualified teacher and Reiki Master, I offer Reiki courses at all levels. I teach Japanese style Usui Reiki courses adhering to the guidelines and manuals of the International House of Reiki at the levels and prices shown below. Shoden (Reiki level 1), Okuden (Reiki Level 2), Shinpiden (Reiki Level 3) and Reiki 1 for Children & Teenagers. All levels include a comprehensive manual, ongoing teacher support and the opportunity to join Reiki shares with other students.

Japanese style Usui Reiki comes from the same root as the more prevalent Western style Usui Reiki. While Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata were bringing Reiki to the west, where it went down several different paths, the Reiki Gakkai or Society continued to practise and teach Reiki in Japan. However, since Japan was a relatively closed country at the time, the Gakkai kept their Reiki close to its Buddhist roots, and it remained more of a personal spiritual practice from which the hands-on healing arose, rather than simply a healing modality. It is only in the last 20 years or so that Gakkai members have chosen to teach Western students, hence Japanese Reiki is a relatively new modality in the West. This is the type of Reiki that spoke to me as it is so simple but so profound in its effects, and this is the way I teach.

I usually ask that students allow a minimum of three months between Levels 1 and 2, and a further year before undertaking Level 3. This is because Japanese style Reiki is a spiritual path, rather than simply a healing modality, and it takes time to learn and practise the meditations and states of mind involved in this journey of personal development. I believe that it is important to assimilate the practices and energy thoroughly at each level before taking the next one. Reiki is a never-ending journey: even Master level is just the beginning of another step of the way. I provide ongoing support for all my students and run a Reiki Share group for my students and anyone else attuned to Reiki who wishes to come along. Please contact me if you would like to join us.

Courses take place in my home therapy room with a maximum of 2 students. You are welcome to contact me for further information.

Shoden/Reiki Level 1 course

Cost: £135

Please note this course is NOT insurable as it is only a pre-requisite to the professional Level 2.

The beginner level, ( Shoden enables the student to self-heal and to practise on family and friends. The course consists of 1 and a half days’ training and includes:

  • Discussion of student’s previous knowledge/perception of Reiki
  • Brief history of Reiki (more detail given in the manual for the student to read at their leisure)
  • Reiki practice of Kenyoku Ho (cleansing ritual)
  • Reiki meditations
  • Looking at the Japanese energetic system
  • Concept of hara/tanden
  • Hands-on self healing
  • Hands-on healing of others
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • 4 Level 1 attunements (sacred rituals to help the student clear their energy channels)
  • Reiju (spiritual “blessing” to help the student’s spiritual progress)

Okuden/Reiki Level 2

Cost: £195 (£185 to my Shoden students)

Okuden forms the professional practitioner level if the student so wishes. It consists of 1 day’s training plus a shorter follow-up session including:

  • The Hatsurei Ho meditation sequence.
  • Scanning methods
  • Learning 3 Reiki symbols and their jumon or mantras.
  • Reiki symbol and mantra meditations.
  • Enkaku Chiryo Ho: Distance or Absent Healing.
  • 3 Level 2 attunements.
  • Reiju.
  • An introduction to basic anatomy and physiology.
  • An introduction to the basics of professional practice.

Shinpiden/Reiki Level 3

Cost: £475 (£455 to my Okuden students)

The master/teacher course consists of between 2 and 3 days’ teaching and will include:

  • Review of Reiki 1 and 2 practices and concepts as above.
  • Learning 1 Reiki symbol and its jumon or mantra.
  • Reiki symbol and mantra meditations.
  • Learn and practise performing the Reiki attunement ceremony.
  • Learn and practise giving Reiju.
  • 1 Level 3 attunement.
  • Reiju.
  • Help and support for teaching Reiki should the student wish to do so.
  • This level involves a deep commitment to Reiki and thoughts of how it can be incorporated into daily life.

Reiki for Children & Teenagers

£70 each for 2 children
£85 for a single child.

I have developed a short Reiki 1 course for children and teenagers. I hope to make it affordable for them while giving them the necessary confidence and self-healing ability to help them through the difficulties of their teenage years: school changes, exams, hormones, going away to university etc. The course consists of 1 day’s training and involves the main elements of the Shoden course (see above) made accessible for young people. This course is available for secondary age students up to 16. I also teach pre-teens if they have a parent who is Reiki trained to support them in their practice. Please note that my insurance requires that anyone under 16 years old brings a parent/guardian with them, who is willing to give their written consent for their child to do the course.

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