Therapies Offered

Please note, I am not a salon and only offer treatments to students past, present and prospective, carers, families with additional needs, or support groups. I do not take clients from the general public.

If you are looking for a salon style massage, please contact one of the therapists recommended on my Links page.

Aromatherapy Massage
(Full body, hand & foot or back and shoulders)

Hot Stones Massage
(full body, or back, neck & shoulder)

See below for more information about the therapies I offer and please get in touch if you need more information.

Aromatherapy enhanced treatments are available for an additional £10.

Please note that approximate treatments times given below will also require 20 minutes for a consultation on the first visit, with a longer time needed for Aromatherapy Massages.


Cost: £35 (1 hour)

Student Reiki treatments (40 mins) are available for under 18s and full time students at £22/session

Reiki is a complementary therapy, to be used in conjunction with rather than instead of conventional medicine, and can be of benefit to everyone. It calms and relaxes in times of stress, boosts the body’s healing and enhances one’s general well-being. A non-invasive therapy, it can be done with the recipient sitting or lying down and fully clothed. It is important to realise that the Reiki practitioner is simply a channel through which Reiki energy is offered to the recipient, and the recipient’s own Higher Self will use the energy as needed. The client is doing their own healing and the practitioner is merely facilitating this.

Reiki is thought to be an ancient Japanese form of healing, re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and now widely practised throughout the West as well as in its original homeland. Like crystal healing, it works on a subtle level by re-balancing the body’s energies and healing at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The reiki energy is a loving, universal healing energy which can be channelled through the hands of initiated reiki practitioners to the recipient. Because it is divinely guided (the name comes from Japanese “rei” (divine power) and “ki” (life force energy), the energy goes directly to where it is needed by the recipient. Expressed simply, the thinking is that imbalances in the body’s energy field, caused by negative emotions or experiences, eventually show up in the physical body and create problems there. If the energy imbalance or blockage is cleared before it gets to this stage, then it prevents damage to the physical body, and the reiki energy does the clearing.

I would like to acknowledge, with love and thanks, the help of my Reiki Teachers :

Margaret De Petro and Rebecca Holton.

Crystal Healing with Reiki

Cost: £45 (1 hour 20 mins approx)

Possibly one of the most relaxing and balancing therapies, this combination of crystal healing and Reiki provides clients with the chance to be involved in their own healing and to experience energetic balance. Working together, we select appropriate crystals which are then cleansed and energised before being placed on and around the client in order to align their energies. The Reiki treatment takes place as the client relaxes in their crystal “cocoon”, also helping to clear energy blocks and provide a calm, balanced feeling which clients love! Feedback comments include “I’m so chilled!” and “I can feel that I’m back in a central alignment”.

Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage (1 hour 10 mins approx): £65
Hand and foot massage or back, neck and shoulder massage (35 mins approx): £40

The cost includes a short consultation and an essential oil blend.

Please add £10 for a full aromatherapy consultation and personal oil blend.

An aromatherapy massage is truly relaxing and also holistic, as the properties of the chosen oils can help in all aspects of life. Aromatherapy uses essential oils (literally, the essence of a plant) for their therapeutic benefits, which can be considerable, as well as for their amazing scent!

Aromatherapy treatments require a consultation, in addition to the normal one, which examines the issues the client would like addressing. The therapist then selects appropriate oils, checking for any cautions, and also ensuring that the client likes the smell of the blend! The blend is then used for the massage.

Aromatherapy massage, unlike Swedish and other massage modalities, is very gentle and flowing as its main purpose is to help the skin to absorb the oils, so they can enter the bloodstream and do their work. The massage involves some lymph drainage to help with the flow of lymph and thus the elimination of toxins, and is incredibly relaxing whether you choose a full body massage or one of the shorter ones. The hands and feet are excellent sites for the oils to be absorbed if you haven’t time for a full body massage, and the back, neck and shoulders are a notorious area for holding tension and can benefit from a short but effective treatment.

A full body massage lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, and a hand and foot or back, neck and shoulder one, 25- 30 minutes. This is in addition to the consultation process, which is around ten minutes for a general one or half an hour for a full aromatherapy one.

Aromatherapy offers the chance for my clients to add an extra dimension to their treatments: in addition to the relaxation of a hand, foot or facial massage, for a small extra charge an aromatherapy consultation can be added. This involves time spent establishing the client’s needs and choosing appropriate oils, then in creating a unique blend especially for their massage treatment.

Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Cost: £40 (45-50 mins)

This is Earthereal’s own creation: based on the 4000 year old Ayurvedic tradition and incorporating the best elements of different facial massage styles, brought together in a relaxing treatment which encourages blood flow to the head and face, benefiting muscles and encouraging the removal of toxins. The shoulders and neck area are treated as this is an area where most of us carry tension, with the marma points in the area included in the massage, followed by an Ayurvedic-inspired marma point massage of the head and face. Working with the marmas provides an energetic element to the massage. Gentle stroking and smoothing movements, with stimulation and “lifting” of the face, promote relaxation and increase blood flow to the area, along with light drainage to encourage the removal of toxins and “puffiness.”

This massage thus includes elements of Indian and Chinese massage as well as the Ayurvedic marma work, and can include an Ayurvedic face mask to suit the client’s dosha. It is a very gentle, calming and nurturing treatment and can be beneficial to the client in many ways.

Cleansing and toning can be incorporated into the facial massage for an extra £5. Please allow an extra 10 minutes for this.

Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage

Cost: £35 (45 mins approx)

Similar in its relaxing properties to Japanese Hand Massage, Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage includes a dosha consultation so the oil can be chosen to suit the client’s dosha, work on the marma points in the hand and arm for energetic benefits, and relaxing massage strokes on hand and arm to leave the client feeling totally chilled!

Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)

Cost: £45 (35-40 mins) including filter candles

This therapy is becoming increasingly popular as people discover the benefits of its gentle action. It is deeply relaxing, and can sometimes help with chronic ear, nose and throat conditions such as sinusitis, tinnitus, hay fever and headaches. Some people find a treatment a few days before a holiday makes plane travel more comfortable for them.

Contrary to some claims, ear candling does NOT remove earwax for you to see in the candle: it would take far too much suction to do this! The gentle burning of the candle causes slight pressure changes in the outer ear, which cause slight movement of the eardrum and thus can have an effect on the inner ear.

The treatment begins with grounding and gentle stimulation of the facial acupressure points, then the client relaxes on one side while the therapist holds the candle in place. This experience is usually very pleasant: the candles smell of honey and herbs and make a gentle crackle as they burn. The sensation has been described as “lying by a log fire”. Finally the client receives a mini facial which includes a lot of lymph drainage, helping to break up any toxins released by the ear candling.

I only use ear candles which have a filter to prevent any debris falling into the ear.

Hot Stones Massage

Full body massage: £65 (1 hour 10 mins approx)
Back, neck and shoulder massage: £40 (25- 30 mins approx)

This has got to be THE massage for chilly winter days! A full body, or back, neck and shoulder massage, with the added benefit of heat from smooth, natural basalt stones, held in the therapist’s hands to enhance relaxation for the client. Oil is applied and then the stones are used to smooth, stroke and release, providing an extra special treat. One stroke with the hot stones is said to be worth five with hands alone – that has to be good!!

Why not try it out, especially if you’re prone to cold, or treat someone special this winter?

(Please note, Hot Stones Massage is not suitable for clients who have high blood pressure.)

Indian Head Massage

Cost: £35 (35 – 40 mins)

A relatively recent treatment in the West, this fantastic massage has been popular for centuries in India where massage is part of the upbringing of children. Parents are well aware of the benefits of massage and they provide it for their children on a daily basis at first, gradually decreasing as the child grows up.

The massage takes place with the client seated in a chair, and can be performed with or without the use of aromatic oils. It involves a workout for the neck, shoulders and upper back, brisk massage of the scalp and ruffling of the hair which helps circulation and stimulates acupressure points in the upper body and the head. The pressure points on the face are gently stimulated and the treatment concludes with chakra balancing to leave the client balanced yet relaxed.

For the client on the go, the massage without oils is a great way to experience relaxation without the need to remove any clothing. For a fuller experience, the client can remove the shirt and wear a vest top to enable aromatic oils to be used on the neck, shoulders and back.

Hand and Arm Massage

Cost: £35 (35-40 mins)

Many people are familiar with the concept of reflexology for the feet, but did you know it can also be used on the hands? Earthereal’s Hand Massage combines the benefits of this with Ayurvedic techniques and the Japanese massage form Shiatsu to provide a truly relaxing and uplifting experience. It is non-invasive: all the client needs to do is roll up their sleeves! Stroking, massaging and mobilising are all part of the massage and it is incredibly relaxing. Oils are usually used, though it can be carried out without.

This therapy is especially beneficial to people who use computers a lot, or anyone working with their hands and arms. However since we all carry more tension than we realise in our hands, anyone can enjoy it as a regular or occasional treat.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Body Massage

Full body massage £65
Back and back of legs massage £45

Imagine, if you will, the sensation of lying by a Hawaiian beach, hearing the waves lapping gently against the shore, perhaps a distant waterfall, feeling the sun warm on your back, with the scent of coconut and lime wafting softly in the air and gentle Hawaiian music playing in the background… Tempted?! Well I can’t guarantee the sunshine but pretty much everything else is here in this amazing massage! The client is asked to remove clothing and wear disposable pants as the massage involves long, whole body strokes over the outside hips. S/he then lies under a sarong and experiences this magical treatment, involving effleurage, petrissage, stretches and a definite spiritual element. The strokes include “Breeze through the Palms”, “Waves of the Ocean”, “Bamboo Stick” and “Seashell”- carrying the “Aloha” feeling through the entire treatment.

Please note: coconut oil is used for Lomi Lomi, please advise in advance if you have a nut allergy.

Thai Foot Massage

Cost: £35 (£40 with foot bath) (40 mins approx)

If you walk, cycle, run or just have stiff legs, this could be the massage for you! A Thai Foot Massage can begin with a relaxing foot bath using a small amount of aromatic oil to relax and warm your feet: if you are in a hurry, the feet can be cleansed using wipes. The massage itself works the pressure points and the “Sen” or meridian lines as well as involving massage techniques using the hands and the Thai Foot Massage Stick, and is incredibly relaxing and balancing for the legs and feet, which influences the whole body. It is performed using a combined oil and reflexology cream mixture (or can include an aromatherapy consultation and thus use your own unique blend of oils). Be warned – this massage has been known to send clients to sleep!


Cost: £40 (£45 with footbath) (1 hour 15 mins approx)

Reflexology is a truly holistic therapy, combining the pleasure of a foot massage and work on the feet with the energetic workout provided by the stimulation of reflex points and the gentle mobilisation of “gritty” areas, which may indicate energy imbalances, to realign the body’s natural life energies and allow the client to feel balanced, relaxed and soothed. A short massage of the feet precedes the treatment and is also given at the end of the session. Quality reflexology creams and salves are used. Be warned: this treatment can often send clients to sleep!!

Crystal Therapy

Cost: £40 (1 hour approx)

Crystal therapy is used to create balance and harmony within body, mind, emotions and spirit by harnessing the gentle healing energy of various beautiful crystals. The client relaxes on the couch and working together we use dowsing to select appropriate crystals, which are placed on the chakras, and other points if required, to rebalance the client’s energy. Various layouts can be used according to need. This is so relaxing and creates a wonderful feeling of balance and calm.

Meditation/relaxation workshop for 1 or 2 people

From £50 for 90 minutes for 1-2 people

This is not so much a therapy as a guide to how the client can use meditation, breathing techniques, colour, crystals etc to help them to relax. I believe strongly in empowering people to take control of their own lives, though we all need a little support along the way!

I am therefore happy to discuss the individual client’s requirements and provide a workshop or therapy session tailored to their needs, and work on whatever they feel will be helpful.

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