Meditation Teacher Diploma

Meditation Teacher Diploma Course Validated by IPTI

Earthereal’s professional courses are all validated for insurance purposes by IPTI, who are pleased to offer my students a Group Discount on their membership and insurance. For more details, please visit the IPTI website.

Distance Learning Meditation Teacher Diploma Course validated by IPTI

Cost: £140 (by email) or £160 (by post)

Earthereal is delighted to offer our very first Distance Learning course, our Meditation Teacher Diploma, which has been validated for insurance by IPTI.

I have wanted to offer a course like this for a long time, making the benefits of meditation accessible to more people and providing a comprehensive course which can be done at the student’s own pace There is so much to cover that this seems to me the best way of learning, rather than rushing through it all in one day. In the Meditation Teacher Diploma Course, we will be looking at the theory and the practice of meditation in some detail and allowing students to gain experience in writing their own meditation exercises as well as using the ones included in the course. Once students have completed this course, they should be confident and competent to run meditation groups in the community or in schools and holiday clubs.

The course consists of six modules, each with a short assessment, and then a final exam. I have geared the course so that by completing the module assessments, students will be equipped with a bank of resources which they can use with their meditation groups in the future. Once these are successfully completed, the student is required to run a practice group for 4 weeks in order to gain experience and confidence in running a group, before the qualification is awarded.

Included in the course content are the practicalities of setting up and running a business as a meditation teacher, the theory of meditation, breath and body awareness, meditation techniques and work with children and young people. The final module prepares students to run their practice group.

Please note that while the theoretical part of the course does not require insurance, the student must have insurance for the practice group. IPTI, our validator, can provide this with a free upgrade to full practitioner insurance on qualification, Salon Gold will cover it for an additional fee, and Westminster will also offer student insurance. These do not constitute a recommendation and students should search for the appropriate insurance for themselves.

If the student already holds therapy insurance, they will need to check that this will cover them for the practice group.

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