Me Time

Therapy sessions for carers and families with additional needs

Having worked as a 1 to 1 support for several wonderful children with additional needs, I decided in 2012 that I wanted to make the benefits of holistic therapy available to more such children and their families. I know how hard these parents work, and am really privileged to have them in my life. So I try to give them something too, some me-time and TLC, and by offering Reiki training at a reduced rate, the opportunity to learn a holistic modality which can benefit themselves and their families.

For parents…….

After consultation with my friends who are in this situation, I now offer a Me-Time coffee morning approximately once a half term either at my or one of my colleagues’ homes. This networking and mutual support is a vital element of Me-Times. We provide each participant with a 20 minute Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic Facial or massage of their choice for £8.

I am delighted to work with colleagues Lisa and Karen, the “Reiki Sisters” who are now qualified and insured to provide Me-Time Reiki Treatments at the same price. (They did Reiki 1 for Carers with me and were inspired to do Reiki 2!) Karen has also qualified in Indian head massage, and Lisa in Swedish Back Massage and Ayurvedic Hand and Arm Massage.

Booking is necessary to ensure a slot,with a payment of £5 payable on booking (In the event of cancellation, this can only be refunded if we can rebook the slot). Please contact me for the next date, and for more details.

If you prefer, I can offer you an individual 25 minute Me-Time appointment at my home at the special rate of £15 for one person or £25 for two or more coming together.

Support groups are welcome to contact me for Me-Times for their members, Pamper Evenings, fundraisers etc at reasonable rates.

For children…….

Me-Time Clinics for children involve a 25 minute therapy session of their choice -prices as with adult individuals above. I welcome parents of children with additional needs to book them in with me when convenient: also, most school holidays I run a children’s clinic for reflexology or other therapies.

Having worked with children almost all my life, I am very child led and if they start off wanting a back massage and then decide they’d prefer a hand massage, or want to break off to play with a toy, that’s all fine. I will spend the 25 minutes as they wish.

Parents must stay with their children for insurance reasons, and are welcome to join in. Please contact me to book, or for more information.

Courses and workshops…..

I can now offer Shoden (Reiki 1) for groups of parents/carers at a reduced rate of £80 each (3 students) or £70 each (4 students). Please contact me if you’re interested and I will add you to my waiting list and inform you when we have enough participants to run a course.

If your child would enjoy learning Reiki, and you are willing to support them, they can also benefit from my Shoden/Reiki 1 for Teenagers (or Pre-Teens) course. This costs £70 per child for a 1 day course for 2 children, or £85 for one child, and gives them the basics of Reiki 1 for self healing and healing for family and friends. Any child from 9 up who understands and wants to learn may take part, but their parent/carer must stay with them for my insurance, and must be responsible for them at all times. The course can be taught 1-1 or for 2 friends or siblings.

Workshops are available for parents/carers to provide another strategy for calming and relaxing their children and themselves! Massage can be wonderful to help children to relax – here is some feedback from a mum who came to learn Thai foot massage to help her son (aged 8 and recently diagnosed with autism) to get to sleep. It had been taking him 2-3 hours:

“…So far it’s going very very well! It’s become apparent that E. can’t calm his body at night NOT his mind as I was convinced of before. He giggled the first night but as the week has progressed he’s just relaxed and is asleep before the 1st or 2nd ten minute check…. Thank you so much it’s really helping….”

Individuals or groups are welcome to book workshops (for larger groups I charge per head). Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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