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I offer non-certified workshops which are for interest only and do not carry a professional qualification. These are more affordable for working with family/friends, and can be created for your individual needs with one or more of the therapies I offer. With my primary teaching background, I am particularly keen to offer workshops to children and families as well as care workers, groups and the wider community.

Prices vary depending on content and numbers. As a guideline a 2-3 hour workshop for 1 or 2 people will cost 60; the Introduction to Crystals Workshop is 45/head for up to 6 people. (Please contact me for special prices for carers).

(These workshops can be customised to your specific needs and larger numbers can be arranged: please contact me to discuss.)

Massage for Carers

Massage is a wonderful therapy which can relax and reassure people with dementia, illness or simply loneliness. This workshop will teach basic massage techniques and elements of hand or head massage which can be used on a seated person. All oils etc are included in the price.

A customised version can be provided for a small extra charge.


Massage for Chilling with Family and Friends

Sharing a massage with your loved ones can be a great way to chill out and bond. A brief hand massage for a restless child can soothe them off to sleep: a head and shoulder massage can relax a stressed partner. This workshop offers some basic massage techniques which can be used for your family and friends. The workshop length can be varied according to the ages of the participants.


Chill Factor Kids' Relaxation Sessions

Techniques for chilling for primary age children.

A mix of meditation, visualisation, breathing, Flexi-Kids* Yoga techniques, crystals and massage to  provide self help ideas for children and families.


Confidence/Anger Management Sessions for Children/Teens

Young people face many pressures and stresses and often experience difficulty in articulating their feelings and in dealing effectively with them. I use a mix of meditation, yoga, drama, crystals and massage to offer them tools to deal with their feelings and to enhance their sense of self-worth.

A package can be created for your specific needs, including 1 to 1 sessions with a parent and child (for 1 to 1, my insurance requires that children under 16 MUST come with a parent or guardian and have their written consent).


Meditation/Relaxation for all ages

Guided meditations, object meditations, breath work and visualisation can be combined to create a relaxing yet energising experience for participants.


Crystal Workshop for Parent and Children

This workshop offers the opportunity for parent and child to learn together. It covers choosing and using crystals, their colour properties and relation to the chakras, simple grids and nets and a crystal meditation.


"Sound for Healing" workshop:

A half day's introduction to the use of chanting to promote health and healing. Explore and experience the power of sound, and learn mantras for various purposes.


 "Ayurvedic Head Massage" workshop:

A half day's introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system, finding out your dosha, and learning a simple head massage routine which can be used to benefit family and friends.


Introduction to Crystals

School Day (e.g.10-2.30) workshop (min.4, max. 8)

A chance to have a fun day learning about crystals for healing, chakras and pendulum work. Try out the power of crystals on your fellow students and on yourself: dowse with a pendulum and trust your intuition about what will be helpful.


A half day's introduction to this popular therapy, with relevant theory, a short routine to practise and notes and some reflexology wax to take home.

Please contact me by email or via the contact form to arrange a date if you would like to book a workshop.

These courses are for interest only and certificates of attendance only will be given.

Please note, they are not certified for professional practice.

Find us on Reiki Pages | Earthereal of Yorkshire  

Find us on Reiki Pages | Earthereal of Yorkshire

Please note that I am primarily a training centre, not a salon, and I do not offer treatments to the general public.
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